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Friday May 31st - Sunday, June 2nd 2024

La Pescaia, Tuscany, Italy

When & Where

The Weekend



31 may 2024 – 18:00 

La Pescaia 

Dresscode: White & Cream - Smart Casual 



2 june 2024 

La Pescaia 

Dresscode: Casual - Swimwear 


1 june 2024 

La Pescaia  

Dresscode: Smoking & Dress 

We need to know if you are joining us for the wedding latest by 1/9/23 – September, 1st 2023 

If you are not going to be staying at the Hotel please say so as well. 

How to get there

Getting to Italy / La Pescaia

Guests can choose to fly to Pisa, Firenze, or Rome. We have arranged shuttle busses from which will depart from Florence airport. 

If you wish to join the shuttlebus, please inform us. 

We would like to advise you to book this flight:


May 31st - 9:10 am > 11:30 am



June 2nd - 6:00 pm > 8:10 pm



If you choose to fly to any other airport or if the shuttlebus timing does not match, you are responsible for transportation to/from La Pescaia. 


Where to sleep

Some guests will be sleeping at La Pescaia and some will be sleeping at a nearby hotel called Montebelli. Accommodation has been arranged for all guests, and we will contact each guest individually to inform them where they are going to sleep. 


For guests sleeping at Montebelli, shuttle busses have been arranged that will take you on the 20 minute drive to / from La Pescaia. 

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We pay for the hotel and for people staying at La Pescaia - If you bring a babysitter for a child we will not cover expenses for any change in accommodation. 


Plane tickets and if needed rental car is your own expense. Everything else is covered by us. 


For guests staying at Montebelli: If you choose to buy any additional services such as spa access this is your own expense. 

Child free wedding

We love kids but they should not be present for our wedding.  

This is a child-free wedding, and we recommend you leave your kids at home with a babysitter. When we say child free this also means that we do not want people at the dinner with baby alarms nor do we want baby strollers with sleeping children. 


If you have an infant child that is still being nursed, then you of course can bring the baby. You need to contact Louise & Kristoffer to plan this as there is not room for very many babies at La Pescaia, and we are not moving our family to the Hotel. This will be taken on a child-to-child basis. 


If you want to bring your children because you are going on vacation prior to or after the wedding, you should find accommodation yourself as there is not room for children at the hotel due to this being 2 person bedrooms. This also includes if you want to have a child with a nanny nearby. How you solve this issue if you must bring your child is up to you. 

Useful Information

Toastmaster information


Christian Metellus / 31335091 


Deadline for speeches: 1. May 2024 


Due to the expected number of speeches these should be no longer than 5 minutes in length. 

Speeches will be both on Friday and Saturday. Friends on Friday and family on Saturday 

We would like to refrain from any homemade songs. 

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